Professional Senior Portraits

Senior portraits are THE defining adult portrait.

Creative Senior Portraits in RosevilleFor most people, their high school senior portraits are the only portraits they will have of themselves as an adult individual. After senior portraits, most photography experiences are event (like weddings) or family based.

Because the senior portrait session is dedicated to the individual, at Hansens’ Photography we encourage maximizing this opportunity for personal expression! Our senior sessions are highly customized to reflect your personality and style.

Check out our Senior Portrait Gallery for examples and ideas for your photo shoot.

About our Senior Portraits

Sacramento Senior photographer* We offer both digital image packages on CD for those who are looking for the ultimate flexibility with their images, as well as traditional printed portrait packages for those who prefer to have the printing service completed for them.

* We provide either an in-studio or outdoor on-location session, or a combination of both!  Our Roseville, CA studio does provide classical painted canvas backdrops but in addition, we offer a variety of custom, one-of-a-kind, backgrounds and three dimensional sets with styles ranging from contemporary to vintage.  For on-location sessions, we can visit any local Roseville area, go to Sacramento for additional variety, or a specific location that has special meaning for you.

* Our sessions are never rushed, and can last from 1-3 hours depending on the type of session selected.

* No matter what you choose, the overall experience will be fun, relaxed, and laid-back.Beautiful Senior Portraits Sacramento

* We believe that the senior portrait session is a process where we work with you to create images that really reflect your personality. For us, the best way to do that is to take it easy, get to know you, and have a great time.

* You are always welcomed and encouraged to bring a variety of outfits, accessories, or other important items that show who you are and what your life is about right now.

Digital Mastering

* For a truly finisheFun Senior Portrait Photographer in Rosevilled look, we retouch and artistically enhance every image. We call this process “digital mastering.” Having each image digitally mastered before you see it allows you to know exactly what you will be ordering.

* We do not expect you to choose from images straight out of the camera and “imagine” what they will look like once they are finished.

* Retouching includes skin softening, removal of blemishes and fine lines, and basic body slimming. There is no additional charge for this service.  Artistic enhancement includes color and contrast adjustments as well as adding our own artistic interpretation to the images.

* Although we do alter the images to affect their mood, we strive to keep the digital artwork realistic for a natural but refined look.

A Note For ParentsSacramento Roseville Senior Photographer

* We understand that these are images you want to be proud to display now and for a very long time.  With the importance of this photo shoot in mind, we will create both classical, timeless images that are appropriate for display in your home as well as contemporary, fun images for your senior to share.

* In addition, it is our desire to flatter your high school senior and highlight the fact that they are at the peak of physical beauty, however, we do not believe in creating the over-sexualized images of young adults that are now common in the senior portrait world. It is our belief that there is a middle ground between the graphic, risqué images found in the contemporary fashion world and the flattering, timeless style of classical portraits.We are most comfortable working in that middle ground where contemporary and classical elements come together for portraits both generations will be thrilled to own.

Please visit our Senior Portrait Gallery to see a variety of senior portrait examples and styles and read about preparing for your senior portrait on our senior portrait information page.