Professional Family Photographer in Roseville

“The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.” -George Santayana( Family Portrait with pet

When displayed on the walls in your home, your family portraits are a constant reminder of what is most important in your life. Whether you would like to have portraits created of your immediate family or a large extended family group, we can provide you with timeless artwork custom designed for display in your home as well as gift portraits, portrait albums, or digital files for keepsakes and sharing with loved ones.

With this in mind, we create beautiful images to treasure now and as they become a part of your family’s history.   Our style is Fresh Classic, incorporating the timeless artistic elements of classic portraiture with the modern addition of relaxed expressions and gestures, vibrant colors, and alternative camera angles.

Please visit our Family Portrait Gallery to view examples of how we can create timeless artwork of your family and learn more about our family portrait sessions

What sets us apart?


* We are experts in using light to flatter your features, create depth, and enhance the mood of your family portraits.

* We have a custom built, one of a kind light box in our studio that produces a quality of light that is very natural and unique to Hansen’s Photography.

* In order to create a calm and distraction free experience, we do not use flashing lights in our studio.  This is especially helpful for photography involving young children.

* For outdoor sessions, we combine natural light with supplemental fill lights to add depth and sparkle to your finished portraits.


Posing and Composition:

* We are well versed in the art of flattering posing, and we will use this expertise to bring out your best. We never expect you to “strike a pose” undirected in our portrait sessions!

* In group portraits, artful posing creates visual interest, adds balance and harmony, and gives each subject individuality.

* Our images incorporate subtle backgrounds, simple props, and artistic use of space to emphasize the subject and remove visual clutter.


Digital Mastering:

* For a truly finiFamily Photographer Rosevilleshed look, we retouch and artistically enhance every image. We call this process “digital mastering.” Having each image digitally mastered before you see it allows you to know exactly what you will be ordering. We do not expect you to choose from images straight out of the camera and “imagine” what they will look like once they are finished.

* Retouching includes skin softening, removal of blemishes and fine lines, and basic body slimming. There is no additional charge for this service. Artistic enhancement includes color and contrast adjustments as well as adding our own artistic interpretation to the images.

* Although we do alter the images to affect their mood, we strive to keep the digital artwork realistic for a natural but refined look.

Your Experience:

* Your portraits will be created and ordered with a professional photographer in a comfortable and friendly environment with one-on-one service. You will never be rushed or have to wait in line.  We will work with your specific needs and requests to create a look that will compliment your style and your home.

* We provide both in studio and outdoor on-location portrait sessions.  Our studio is located in Roseville, CA and we offer on-location sessions throughout the Sacramento area, as well a travel sessions to the SanFrancisco Bay area and Lake Tahoe.

* We offer both digital image portrait packages on CD for those who are looking for the ultimate flexibility with their images, as well as traditional printed portrait packages for those who prefer to have the printing service completed for them. All images (both digital and printed) are retouched and digitally mastered to enhance them artistically.

* We guarantee you will be happy with your family portrait photography or you will have no financial obligation. We hope you will allow us the opportunity to be a part of your family’s story with custom portraits created by Hansen’s Photography!

Please visit our Family Portrait Gallery to view examples of how we can create timeless artwork of your family!  For information and suggestions regarding your family portrait session see our family session information page.