Professional Photographer in Roseville California

Eric Hansen is a professional portrait photographer located in Roseville, California.  Eric has been serving clients throughout the surrounding Sacramento area for over 20 years.  In addition to creating high quality images, Hansens’ Photography strives to provide a great experience even if you are not generally comfortable having your portraits created.

 Eric Hansen of Hansens’ Photography

I am Eric Hansen.  In 2000, Hansens’ Photography was founded by my wife Kelli and I.  In those years we were privileged to serve thousands of clients.  We have been recognized both locally and nationally with numerous awards and honors.

Our Dear Kelli — December, 1974-March 2019

In 2019, at the young age of 44, Kelli passed away after a 3 ½ year battle with breast cancer. It is my goal to honor Kelli’s memory by creating excellent, timeless images…just as Kelli would have wanted.  Even though She is not with us physically, she is always in our heart and on our minds.  My core business values that we pursued for nearly 20 has not changed.

Words cannot express the tremendous loss of Kelli, nor can they express how grateful I am to have been her husband.  Anyone  who met Kelli knew just how special she was.  It is my goal and challenge to continue her legacy of excellence in all that I do.

Learn more about Kelli Hansen

Please visit to learn more about Kelli.  In addition to her talent as a  photographer,  Kelli also wrote and illustrated a number of highly successful children’s books that can be found there.