Newborn and Maternity Photography

Maternity and Newborn Portraits from Hansen’s Photography work together to tell the story of your family.
Black and White Maternity portraits


Whether you are expecting your first child or adding another, your portraits will help you remember this momentous time. We offer both maternity portraits sessions and newborn portrait sessions.

You are welcome to have us photograph just one or the other, however, the newborn session fee is complimentary with the purchase of a maternity session fee and package.



Why Maternity and Newborn Portraits?

  • To celebrate the bond between you and your baby
  • To document your rite of passage into parenthood
  • To define your new identity
  • To appreciate your amazing body
  • To awe in the miracle of life
  • To forever hold the first days or your child’s life
  • To remember the moment your life changed forever

Visit our Maternity Portrait Gallery and our Newborn Portrait Gallery

Why choose Hansen’s Photography for your maternity portraits?

Experience and Sensitivity:

* Your images will be created by an experienced, award-winning, and sensitive female photographer, Kelli Hansen, who has been pregnant and understands what you are going through!

* Kelli has photographed numerous pregnancy sessions and a variety of body types.Her knowledge of flattering lighting and posing will bring out your best features, disguise any sensitive areas, and highlight your beautiful baby belly!

* Kelli understands that every woman’s sense of modesty is different. She is always respectful of your individual requests and is able to create dramatic images while allowing you privacy if you need it.

Our studio:Goddes style pregnancy portrait

* As always with Hansen’s Photography, we have both in studio or on-location sessions available. The studio experience is especially enjoyable for maternity sessions, as it allows for a very private session and a timeless, classical style. We have a variety of backgrounds ranging from very traditional to contemporary. Our studio is heated and cooled for your comfort.

* We provide a variety of the goddess-style wraps that are highly requested in maternity portraits. Many of our wraps are actually custom designed, pre-wrapped pieces that you will be able to dress yourself in private if you desire. We always want you to feel comfortable with the portrait experience and can adjust the wraps to accommodate your individual level of modesty.

*You are always welcome to bring your own favorite outfits, accessories, or special items to include in your portraits. In fact, we recommend that you bring at least one casual outfit for variety. Dads and siblings are always welcome to be included in the session.

You will look your best:

* There is no need to worry or feel self-conscious when you are working with Hansen’s Photography. Your maternity portraits will be flattering and bring out the beauty of your pregnancy. Even if you feel less than glamorous about being pregnant, your images will show you how beautiful the miracle of life can be.

* We will use our expertise in lighting and posing to focus on your best features and disguise any areas you may be sensitive about.

* As always, your images will be digitally mastered to enhance our artistic interpretation, as well as retouched to downplay anything you may feel uncomfortable with.  Blemishes, stretch marks, and swelling can all be eliminated or reduced through retouching.

Read more information about preparing for your Maternity Session with Hansens’ Photography on our Maternity and Newborn Session information page.

Why choose Hansen’s Photography for your newborn portraits?

Newborn PhotographerComfort:

* We have extensive experience working with and photographing babies. In addition to the numerous newborns we have photographed, we have our own child and many well adored nieces and nephews. We are known for our patience with children and have lots of little secrets to calm and comfort these very little ones.

* Your baby’s comfort is our highest priority, and our studio is well equipped to provide a soothing experience for a newborn. The studio itself is heated to a temperature that keep newborns drowsily comfortable even when they are undressed. We also have a white noise machine to simulate womb sounds, and never use flashing lights that startle and upset very young babies.

* Your scheduled session allows plenty of time to meet your child’s needs throughout the process. As often as needed, we will stop to have you feed, change, or calm the baby to keep him or her content.

Your Session:

* Newborn Photography Roseville CAWe provide a variety of blankets, simple props, and accessories such as hats, tutus, diaper covers, and wraps to include in your newborn baby photos if you would like. You are also welcome to bring any outfits or special items to be included.

* Both parents and siblings are always welcome and recommended to be in some of the images, since these images will be a celebration of not just the new baby, but also the changed family.

* We will capture a variety of images and every little detail of your new treasure to help you remember the very fleeting newborn stage. Because this stage is so brief, we recommend scheduling your newborn portrait session as early as possible, preferably within the first 1-3 weeks of your child’s life (with the most ideal time-frame being between 7-10 days.) Of course, if that is not possible, we can accommodate older babies as well.

* As always, your images will be retouched and digitally mastered.

Read more information about preparing for your Newborn Session with Hansens’ Photography on our Maternity and Newborn Session information page.

Visit our Maternity Portrait Gallery and our Newborn Portrait Gallery  for more sample images then contact us to schedule your appointment to preserve this important time in your family’s history.