Professional Portraits for Children

Psychologists who specialize in early childhood development believe that children who consistently see their own image displayed in a positive and uplifting form throughout the home eventually develop strong feelings of self-esteem and self-confidence.

Children’s Portraits on display serve to make a child feel loved and valued, and when Mom and Dad (and even the grandparents) appear in the portraits, the child is reminded of the place he or she enjoys within the family. Is there a better way to demonstrate how you feel about your child than to decorate your home with portraits made at important milestones in his or her life?

Please visit our Children’s Portrait Gallery to view examples of how we can create timeless artwork of your children and learn more about preparing for your portrait session

Hansens’ Photography Children’s Portraits

A Great Experience for Your Child:Kids photography Sacramento

* Our highest priority is your child’s portrait experience.  We know that when your children are having fun and enjoying the portrait creation process, they will feel comfortable showing us their true selves, which is essential for a great child portrait. It is our goal to have your children be excited to return and see us for more portraits! We have extensive experience working with children. In addition to the numerous children we have photographed, we have our own child and many well adored nieces and nephews.

* In our children’s portrait sessions, we are known for our patience with children and have lots of little secrets for working with children of every age. We honor every child’s individuality, understanding that they each have unique likes, dislikes, and needs. We believe that children may be young, but are still human beings and therefore always deserving of being treated with respect.

Photography of kids Roseville caHow We Do It:

* We will be playing with and engaging your child in order to capture a variety of true expressions that reflect the individual child.

* We have a custom created, one of a kind, 6 foot large light box in our studio that produces a quality of light that is very natural and unique to Hansens’ Photography.

* In order to create a calm and distraction free experience, we do not use flashing lights in our studio.  This is especially helpful for portraits of young children, who can easliy become overstimulated or upset by flash photography.

* Our heated/cooled studio is very child friendly and comfortable.  Outdoor sessions are also available for children who do better in a natural environment.  We have several favorite outdoor locations near our Roseville studio, but can also travel to your home or special location.

* Children’s sessions are never rushed; we always allow enough time to meet your child’s individual needs.

 Digital Mastering:Out door photographer Roseville ca

* For a truly finished look, we retouch and artistically enhance every image.  We call this process “digital mastering.”  Having each image digitally mastered before you see it allows you to know exactly what you will be      ordering.  We do not expect you to choose from images straight out of the camera and “imagine” what they will look like once they are finished.  There is no additional charge for this service.

* Artistic enhancement includes color and contrast adjustments as well as adding our own artistic interpretation to the images.  Although we do alter the images to affect their mood, we strive to keep the digital artwork realistic for a natural but refined look.



What is the best age to have my child photographed?

Have you ever said to yourself, “They grow up too fast?” Children do grow and change incredibly quickly! We recommend having your child photographed on the timeline of the following stages:

The First Year:

At no time in your child’s life will physical changes occur so rapidly. Between birth and 1 Year, your child will achieve one developmental milestone after another.

The first year is a great time for our Series Sessions, three sessions over the course of one year, recommended at infant stage (usually 3 months), sitting stage (usually around 6 months), and standing stage (or 1 year).

At 3 Months :  At this age, babies are fresh, new human beings. Everything in their world is brand new, starting to become familiar, but often strange. They are totally dependent on the important people in their lives, recognizing their family members, and just beginning to respond to others. A three month portrait will preserve that time of newness. And when photographed with one or more parents or siblings, a portrait at this age will capture forever that fleeting time when family members are the center of your baby’s intimate world.

At 6 Months: At this age, babies are so loveable! Cuddly and responsive, yet still dependent. Strengthened muscles let them sit up and take part in the world around them. Often happy-go-lucky, they crave attention and delight in having an audience. Portraits at this age are a perfect time to reveal chubby little arms and legs—and even backsides!

Your Child’s First Birthday:  At this time, the permanent facial characteristics begin to reveal a family likeness and individual character … still a baby, yet emerging as a robust and inquisitive child who is ready to meet the world. For the child who is now walking, the perfect message of the portrait is “I’m free!”

Age 2

The toddler now responds to reason, humor, and action. Totally unpredictable, but always adorable… expect them to be loveable, shy, rowdy, or reserved as they begin to explore the world around them… here one minute and gone the next!

Age 3-4Sacramento area child photographer

Between the third and fourth birthdays is the cutest, most endearing age for “little” boys and girls. With the ability to speak and reason growing stronger every day, these youngsters now display individuality of character and action that should be portrayed before the baby teeth are lost and replaced by permanent ones … forever altering the endearing look of early childhood.

Age 5-8

During this period, the snaggly-tooth age begins and ends and permanent teeth emerge to change the facial contours. A developing mind reveals a more mature, inquiring look. Now off to school and making their way in the world. There is so much to learn! Portraits made at this age help to confirm a child’s positive self image.

Age 9 to 12

As the child prepares to enter the teenage years, physical, emotional, and attitude changes occur. The little person you have known so well is about to become a more complex and less dependent young person. Peer acceptance is now important, and portraits can capture the child’s sense of style and expanding horizons.

Age 13 to 15

The early teenage years, a kind of dSacramento Pre-teen Photographerress rehearsal for adulthood, have begun to erase the memories of childhood. The boy is almost a man in his interests, his attitudes, and thinking. Carefree years, yet ones that anticipate the challenges of adulthood, are on the horizon. The young girl has begun to blossom into womanhood. Still a lifetime of growing and learning ahead… but never again a child.

Please visit our Children’s Portrait Gallery to view examples of how we can create timeless artwork of your children and learn more about our portraits for children.

To create the best experience for your child, please check out our children’s portrait session tips and advice.